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Figurative drawing by Kate Beaty

My life in pictures

My name is Kate Beaty nee Mc Quillan. I live in Adelaide Australia and am trying to find my voice in art.

Art has always played a huge part of my life. I have always sought out exhibitions, books and artists themselves to look and wonder at the marks on the paper, the colours and tones that pull the artwork all together and the concentrated high feeling it feeds to my soul.

I am challenged by the techniques and knowledge to create the image in my mind.

Figurative drawing by Kate Beaty

Figurative drawing by Kate Beaty

I want to learn more on composition and the narrative, to be able to draw the images for painting.

I love that the Drawing Academy puts you in contact with teachers who are successful as artists.

I hope to win the Drawing Academy course to further a career as an artists. Vote for me to make my dream a reality

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  1. Michelle Murison says:

    Fabulously fabulous art work!
    This lady deserves the opportunity to use her talent and enthusiasm to spread her wings in the art world and be nurtured by an equally talented tutor.
    She gets my vote to be considered for drawing academy course.

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