Faint Pulse

Faint Pulse

Drawing by Cassandra

Ever since I was young, I was a doodler making odd sketches on the margins of my exercise books during class time. I believed taking the proactive approach of drawing from real life was essential to grow confidence despite little guidance in how to get there. I just had to start somewhere and be brave enough to take the plunge to draw something, even though it was a failure and looked nothing like the intended subject. Failure was something I feared during high school and delayed my itch to finish my painting. That was the last time I produced art and it was not until recently, 6 years later, that I rediscovered my true calling and love of art. Nothing is perfect I found out the hard way and inviting my own personal creativity to the work adds value and uniqueness not produced by photocopying. However, I have learnt to first educate myself with the skill of drawing and this is where Drawing Academy comes in play. It equipped with the ability and to be tutored by the founders of this prestigious academy. Without it, I may have not gotten far with knowing the important elements of drawing. Some of the videos I managed to watch aided my progress so far and gave me an early education on the power of drawing to express myself and tell a story in its own powerful language. There is still room for improvement and I will persevere to never stop learning this form of Visual Art.

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