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Eyes of a Child

Eyes of a Child

Drawing by Kim Sandford

I am a 60-year-old woman, with many years ahead of me. I’ve had the pleasure of taking some art lesson in various mediums many years ago. Some of the types of art I’ve tried include the following; folk art, watercolour, pastels, acrylics, coloured pencils, charcoal, graphite, pottery, ceramics, decoupage, and woodworking. Drawing and watercolor have been my favorite. I enjoy reading art book as well as participating in online tutorials. They give lots of information on the techniques and tips of the trade that are a great asset to my development. However, I am a visual learner so I find my greatest improvement comes from seeing and hearing the explanation in the videos.

Art has always been a must in my life providing an outlet for creating. It keeps me focused, in the present, and a final product provides a feeling of accomplishment like nothing else. My hope is to perfect my drawing and watercolour skills. I’ve had a particular fondness for watercolour for many years, only now do I find myself with the time to devote to building my skills. I find that keeping my art supplies handy is a must because I always get so much joy from the process of artistic expression.

Although I love the process of creating and artistic expression, I lack the skills and knowledge to progress on my own. I have the interest as illustrated above and have sourced numerous methods to develop further. However, trying to evolve on my own is challenging.

The material I want to learn in art is endless. As indicated above my current interests focus in on drawing and watercolour. With that said I would like to better develop my skills and techniques regarding perspective, shading, and shadows. Furthermore, I am interested in learning anatomy and how to draw it. I have heard knowing how the muscles/bones lay under the skin can really assist in developing accuracy when drawing portraits.
I have enjoyed the Drawing Academy’s free demo lessons immensely. I find them very helpful. The lesson’s content is very detailed, making it easy to understand the topic being presented. As I am a visual learner, videos are a very effective way of learning for me. I also like them because I can go at my own speed, knowing it will be there for me to continue at my leisure.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course because I will have access to the course material and content allowing me to better develop my skills. Also, my work can be critiqued professionally by the teachers to improve where I cannot see. This is a vital tool for learning and something I am lacking. Learning is a lifelong process, and at 60 I am excited for the opportunity to continue that process and hopefully start a new adventure.

People should vote for me because they would be giving the gift of joy, as that’s truly what art gives to me. The only way I will have the pleasure of moving forward with the Drawing Academy Course is to win it. I, like many people, are on a fixed income meaning I will not be able to afford the luxury of this course on my own. Voting for me could help me win so I can continue to perfect my drawing skills and experience the happiness and rewarding feelings that accompany the process of creation.

Thanking you in advance for your support with your vote, if you do.
It is greatly appreciated,

Drawing by Kim Sandford

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