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Explore Ega Mudavanhu Art

Explore Ega Mudavanhu Art

Artwork by Ega Mudavanhu

Explore Ega Mudavanhu Art

My name is Ega Mudavanhu from Zimbabwe. I am an artist born with both the love for amazing artwork and a very good eye at observation.

My art grew from observation and copying and by this I mean to say that I used to draw my inspiration from other artists work be it story illustrations or televised programs.

Now I have mastered the use of a variety of media in visual art and currently have resorted to improving my Art whilst supporting my siblings and my Mother because my Father is late.

I still learn as I go informally and wish to be able to fulfill other academic levels in my career as an artist.

May you enjoy seeing my creativity through my artworks.

Drawing Academy is my dream place I wish to visit in the near future.

To win is to prove excellence in a certain craft, for me it's a standard or measure I wish to keep checking myself with always when there's a good record of it.

I'm open to criticism and I love to please those that experience my artwork, I can do anything to prove for good Art.

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