Drawings by Collayne Mills

Drawings by Collayne Mills

Artworks in silverpoint and graphite pencil


“Drawing of a Fox”
Graphite pencil on paper

Drawing Academy’s introduction to silverpoint is a new medium to me that I will continue to explore. I’ve worked in lithography and etching but never thought of drawing in metal point until seeing Vladimir’s video.

Over the past 3 months I completed the silverpoint images and a graphite rendering. These drawing techniques take some time. I also continue to develop my skill with regard to perspective.

Graphite pencil on paper

Although I’ve covered all the topics videoed in Drawing Academy in university, I wanted to refresh my view towards the basics of drawing. Construction and perspective are of interest and I spent insufficient time on that before now. Recently I decided to work representationally. I’m attracted to wildlife or animal portraits but also other genre that require specific perspective for accurate composition in large paintings.


“Rasa” – Silverpoint”
Capital Castle” – Silverpoint

I first enrolled in Web Art Academy because I wanted to observe a classical approach to oil painting and I like to watch a professional artist at work – video being the next best to live. For painting, I glaze – many layers – but there’s no point in laborious painting if drawing is weak. Consequently, I also enrolled in Drawing Academy to re-address those drawing issues of construction & perspective – again video is an excellent means to watch masterful drawing and rethink all the fundamental aspects of drawing.

Clearly one is as competent as they apply themselves: writers write; painters paint; drawers draw … whatever the discipline – it takes practise – lots of practise. If one has the desire for artistic accomplishment, as in the case of drawing, they will cover the several miles of paper required to measure their particular personal best. Such learning is always a new beginning.

Whether an art course is regarded as the main program or supplemental to other studies, online instruction makes information accessible in the learner’s time frame; and also, it is very cost effective. Drawing Academy is an exceptional program with masterful art tutors. Membership is a key element providing a communication link with tutors; bonus packages of instruction and related artistic information; it provides a view to other members work in a vibrant Drawing Academy environment.

I have recommended Drawing Academy to beginners as well as “seasoned” artists because as either a “departure point” or as a “refresher” to art practise, this course is a classic and does not disappoint. I also recommend that both Drawing Academy and Web Art Academy be taken as a complete foundation to visual art practise.

I’m very pleased to have access to the videos of Drawing Academy – a lifetime reference library as well as the communication link to professional artist tutor, Vladimir London regarding art query as needed.

Much appreciation.
Best regards
Collayne Mills

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  1. Tarini Agarwal says:

    I love the drawing of the dog. I agree that Drawing has to be strong. This is very reason I have joined the course.

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