Drawings by Ryan Wallace

Drawings by Ryan Wallace

Ryan Wallace, Drawing Academy graduate

Before I enrolled in the Drawing Academy my drawing skills were pretty basic, I was self taught mostly and only drew on a flat surface using a pen-type grip, with a basic knowledge of perspective, form, shape, light, shadow, line, tone and texture, making drawings in pencil and charcoal.

Ryan Wallace drawing

Now I have a broader knowledge of classical drawing with the subjects as above – using an easel, drawing board, using different grips and drawing from wrist, elbow and shoulder for broad strokes, also I learned how to transfer drawings, make a ground for silver point and how to use silver point, make washes for conte, chalk and colour pencil, how to use pen and ink and learned a great deal about art history.

Hopefully from here in I can keep improving daily with my drawing, I’ve also signed up to the Web Art Academy as I want to improve with painting also and eventually become a self employed fine artist.

I would recommend the Drawing Academy Course to anyone who wanted to learn the classical art training methods as it will improve you as a growing artist.

Ryan Wallace drawing

Ryan Wallace drawing

ryan wallace drawing

Best regards,
Ryan Wallace

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  1. robinet joel says:

    je te felicite pour ton travail je debute dans le cour et je ne regrette pas j apprend beaucoup sur le dessin bravo encore

  2. Sarasvati Fautheree says:

    That portrait of the bearded man? I never would have thought someone could make such a detailed image with what appears to be only two pencils, mainly white. It’s amaz to me! May you have success and you keep doing you

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