Drawings by Denise, Drawing Academy graduate

Drawings by Denise, Drawing Academy graduate

DeniseI have been drawing for years but my work has vastly improved with the Drawing Academy course!

I am always looking to make my art better!

Denise’s website: notionview.co

drawing by denise

This is what my work looked like before I started the Drawing Academy course!


Just wanted to add that the drawing of the dog was traced from a photo and the vase was an honest still life from a real vase! This, along with my hatching technique is SO much improved!

I sold my first two drawings this weekend! Thank you Vladimir!

I strongly suggest anyone interested in drawing take your course.

I actually graduated from art school in 1995 and never learned to draw from what I see or imagine and was never even taught the correct way to hold a pencil! Your course is EXCELLENT!

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