Drawings by David Anthony

Still life in perspective

The artwork ‘Traveller’ was drawn in consideration of three-point perspective, composing a suitcase and leaves with my eye level above and in line with the suitcase handle.

Drawings by David Anthony

The other artwork ‘Old Books’ was drawn in four-point perspective, my eye level being at the junction of the top two books.

Drawings by David Anthony

Many thanks,

David Anthony Condon

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  1. Dee Sohn says:

    Lovely drawings I think, liked both of them. I am really enjoying learning all I can about Perspective in this course, so I find looking at your drawings is an exercise to test my understanding of three point and four point Perspective. Like the delicate character of the drawings too, maybe more light and shade with the leaves showing the veins just to enhance their shape. I am a botanical illustrator so this interests me.

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