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Drawings and story by Gloria Jover

Drawings and story by Gloria Jover

A lifetime aspiration

Drawings-by-Gloria-JoverI was in the middle of crisis, feeling that I was about to give up drawing and painting. The reason was that despite a certain natural ability I had never acquired any technical skills to elevate my level. All my projects got stuck at a point and I was unable to achieve what I had in mind.

As an example of this, I am sending a sketch I made long time ago of our dog as she was “sunbathing”. I was interested in bringing out the shadows of objects in the room projected on the wall and the figure: Unable!

Browsing the net as a last resort I came across the Drawing Academy page. I simply loved the sample materials.

After nearly four months of taking things very, very much one little step at a time, this is what so far I have achieved:

  • I draw everyday
  • I draw with discipline, working on the different technical aspects.
  • I love hatching.
  • Most importantly, I feel confident that I know what I have to do and I am even developing ability to correct some things.

I am sending two examples of what has happened after working with the Drawing Academy. The Leonardo girl took me more than a week and about a dozen previous sketches. The Rafael head of a man took me one hour and a half!


Of course, I have a long way to go, but the sole idea of that brings me great joy.

I do very strongly recommend the Drawing Academy to anybody that takes drawing seriously, whatever their circumstances or objectives may be.

As a retired person, now my aim is to recover the profound sense of happiness I started feeling at the age of 10 when I realized I needed to draw things all the time and was convinced that as a grown-up I would be a painter.

I find this drawing course materials superb. Not only regarding the teaching of specific aspects or techniques, but also the incredible amount of art information provided.

My job has been teaching English as a second language in high school and later I took up teacher training, specializing in developing teaching materials to promote learner autonomy.

I think that people who do not have the chance to attend formal lessons would find Drawing Academy video lessons very helpful.

To learn professional drawing techniques,

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Michaela Monschein says:

    Dear Gloria!

    I write a comment, because I feel the same as you! I also wanted to give up on drawing, for I could never bring the idea in my head on to paper! I am trying hard to improve, but I´m taking only tiny steps! I am trying to draw every day, but I´m a busy mum of two toddlers, so I still have a very very long way to go. Well, I´m glad that I don´t have to make a living out of art, because of my little success.

    So: two thumbs up for your work! Keep on drawing!

    Yours, Michaela

  2. Tom Bolt says:

    Similar story albeit I never had an interest in giving up. I was, am, or something or other a former copy artist and never satisfied with copy. It always seemed to be something missing. I toyed around with You-Tube artists for awhile but they only taught how to draw an eye, an egg shell or similar. Some offered more and their courses ranged from hundreds of dollars to include one at $5000. I explored the Bargue design approach and sight method. Many seemed promising but never went beyond copy for me until the Drawing Academy. A wholly unique approach, old, musty with strong scents to traditionalism, the one I finally chose and pleased with.
    Best fortune to you and your future.

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