Drawing in pen and ink by Chuck Herrington

Drawing in pen and ink by Chuck Herrington

Pen and ink lover

My name is Chuck Herrington, I am a retired disabled artist. I do most of my work in pen and ink but have also done many paintings in acrylics.

What challenges me most is keeping my drawings in perspective when drawing from memory or my imagination.

I want to learn and fully grasp multiple perspective techniques color theory and improve my skills on drawing from my minds eye.

I think the Drawing Academy is a fine set of course work with tutors and other artists to help support me in my art process and I would love to learn more techniques for shading in pen and ink. I want to know what the great masters knew.

Drawing in pen and ink by Chuck Herrington

I want to win this course because I have a driving desire to create art but I am disabled and on a limited income so it would be a blessing if I could win this course to further my talents. People should vote for me because I am a proficient artist and they would be helping persons with disabilities to have the chance to achieve greatness

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