Drawing by Steve Moulton

Drawing by Steve Moulton

Coffe Table Book – Kakadu

Born in 1961 I was not the kid in school that could draw a hotrod or comic book character. So apart from the occasional school boy envy when someone has a skill You don’t have art wasn’t on the radar. Then combine this with a family culture of art being for the rich and eccentric. Art was not only not on the radar it wasn’t encouraged or seen as a worthy pursuit. So happily I journeyed down the road only picking up a pencil as a writing tool.

Then about twenty five years ago I was doored. (I was on my bike when some one opened up their car door) The bike stopped and I kept on going. Gracefully somersaulting on to the road. Well maybe not so gracefully I broke a leg and four fingers, ouch.

So after a few months I became a little stir crazy, my wife thought a lot stir crazy so she found a pottery course that I was eligible for because I was a temporary cripple and driving her nuts. So to shorten the story, through that course I ended up having a pottery business for a few years and it was at this time I began drawing firstly because I needed this skill for the business but also because I enjoyed drawing.

I enjoy drawing not because it relaxes me but more so because it pushes me and always asks more from me than I am technically able to deliver. I have done some classes and am also self taught. The classes I have done have all fallen a little short and left me with more questions than answers, your courses at drawing academy seem to have a focus on the technical with encouragement to explore personal story and style.

As far as challenges go, my biggest challenge is on the motivation side of things and I have found courses of some kind have always helped my keep focus and given me a reason to shake the dust off the pencils.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition to extend my skills and provide motivation to continue drawing.

Drawing by Steve Moulton

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