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Drawing by Simone Nieuwolt

Drawing by Simone Nieuwolt

Swimming on the dining table

Art is my passion. I am interested in all aspects of art and drawing is the foundation to most disciplines of art.

My best art teacher was trained in Moscow and I have come to respect the rigour and strong discipline of the Russian art training.

The Drawing Academy appears to be founded in such an institution and this is the reason I want to learn from the Academy. While I have considerable skills in drawing, I feel I need a refresher in training as it has been more than 20 years since I was taught by my Russian art teacher. Even in university, I have not had the basic skills taught in such detail and to be honest, a lot of art students majoring in art lack basic drawing skills.

If I win this contest, I know I will be willing to put in hours of work with a focus to relearning techniques in such a way that I will be able to teach others. Sharing art and skills with others is one way I can give back all the joy that art has brought to me. If you vote for me you will be encouraging a life long learner to improve her existing skills and a born teacher willing to share what she learns.

Drawing by Simone Nieuwolt

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