Drawing by Pierluigi

Drawing by Pierluigi

Draw that moment!

Hello, my name is Pierluigi and I love to travel and see the world and different cultures. Sometimes I like to see other people travelling: what are they doing? Why do they travel? I like observing those people and I want to have the skill and techniques to draw their expressions and their moment.

So, one day I saw a girl sitting near me. I loved the sweet expression on her face, her beautiful eyes were lowered. She was so incredible charming that I decide to try to draw that moment. I picked up a piece of paper and tried to sketch some lines. I finished that drawing later in my hotel. This was my first attempt to draw a portrait. Usually I draw little sketches, nothing challenging. After this first portrait attempt I decided to learn the necessary techniques of drawing.

Looking around internet I found the Drawing Academy. I hope to win this competition to improve my drawing techniques.

Thank you all!

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