Drawing by Nicholas Beck

Drawing by Nicholas Beck

Art is Worth the Long Walk

My name is Nicholas Beck, I’m 19 years old, and I’m studying studio art at a liberal arts college. My involvement with art seems to have gone on in waves, first taking a bold hold of my time before gradually dropping away, and then suddenly launching back into my life; it’s something I don’t always notice is missing until I start doing it again. From an early age, art has always coincided with some writing, and I find that much of what I do on my own time (outside the classroom) was always been connected to something written.

Drawing by Nicholas Beck

The challenges I’m facing now largely revolve around trying to learn to draw from my mind or from from life, versus a picture, especially if I want to relate it to a spontaneous concept or idea.

One of the first steps I want to take towards accomplishing this, which I feel the Drawing Academy Course would help immensely with, is to fall back to the fundamentals of drawing, and then focus on drawing landscapes and (more importantly for me) figures in plein air; I can take my time to neaten up a picture and make it look well without necessarily having a great understanding of the foundations taking place below the surface.

Since the Drawing Academy has a specific focus on Classical understandings of art, it would be a great way of not only learning these valuable skills and techniques, but also putting them in a historical context that observes and respects some of the developments of art as well.

The first video I watched by the Drawing Academy was “Silverpoint Drawing Technique”, and it coincided well with Classical and Art History courses that I have taken already, leading me to believe these courses would serve many of my interests well. I would take the opportunity these courses provide to hone my skills over these summer months, when I will have time to sit and thoroughly absorb the information.

I feel I will honestly appreciate and observe the information the course provides, which is why I ask for people’s votes!

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  1. Speterson87 says:

    Incredible drawing Nick. I love the wonderful detail that you have in their faces and how life like they appear. I really hope you have opportunity to take more classes and develop your extraordinary talent! Good luck!

  2. Sabina says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the details in the tree bark, and the scene that you are portraying is so unique. Wow!

  3. Gjohnson says:

    Nick, you have a gift that touches people’s live in a positive way. I am bless to know you.

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