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Drawing by Lorraine Simankowicz

Drawing by Lorraine Simankowicz

Can’t See the Trees for Forest!

A long time ago (30 years or more now) I drew a picture of my five-year-old daughter. I found it the other day and instantly the memories started flooding back. I remembered how she sat there fidgeting, giggling and us both laughing. That poor little drawing brought back all those memories and more.

Now I am retired and my daughter has children of her own. I try to draw every day but find I lack the skills to portray what I see. That saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. I seem to have it backwards. The detail in the “trees” is missing. I would love to learn to portray my grandchildren and capture their real essence and personalities with these missing details.

The community of the Drawing Academy reminds of the Guilds of the Italian Renaissance. Those schools of would be artisans being taught by Great Masters with pupils following in their footsteps and becoming Masters in their own right is a wonderful tradition to aspire to.

I seem to be spellbound by the Drawing Academy and this image of the Old Masters hold a real fascination for me. The Drawing Academy, I know, holds the key for me with a return to naturalism and a back to basics.

To be able to draw what you see I always thought was a gift. But I can see now that with the right intuition and hard work it might be possible for me also.

In this day of digital photography and the “the selfie” something has been lost. Memories are captured and digital phones are passed around for people to see the images of children, grandchildren and that cruise that was last taken. But they say you never really know a person, subject or place until you sit and draw it.

To be able to render a portrait of a first grandchild, a beloved pet or even that special flower arrangement for relatives and friends in a way that they would regard them as a keepsake would be an honour and a privilege.

Drawing by Lorraine Simankowicz

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