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Drawing by Linda Jakobsson

Drawing by Linda Jakobsson

My ballerina

Hi! I’ve been doing art for many years and am now a very busy tattoo artist. I do try to take all my extra time for art, but I feel like I need to take stuff to the next level.

Drawing by Linda Jakobsson

Charcoal and white pastel drawing on grey pastel card

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  1. Kirtis Schneider says:

    Well done. Your use of contrast is great here. It really sets the mood.
    The pastels create a softer feeling, akin to the ballerina.
    I do have a question on the highlight under the left foot; where does it come from? I know it defines the right leg, but I am not sure it needs to, considering the stark darks in the picture. It would be fine to leave the leg undefined, in the shadow. Just a thought. Excellent job, though!

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