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Drawing by Lina Yao-Allgaier

Drawing by Lina Yao-Allgaier

Art for Arts sake

I have always been interested in drawing & painting, but was not encouraged into Art as a career… life somehow took over and it wasn’t till late in life that I started painting.

Art for me is about being creative and bringing joy & beauty into one’s life.

I am not able to attend an art college full time, so it’s mainly self-study with books and some workshops when commitments permit.

Learning is & always will be a lifetime process… never too old, never too late, never too smart (clever/skilled) to learn something new & improve.

Drawing Academy sounds great as I’ve always leaned towards figure drawing & portraits like the old masters…

I would like to be able to learn & study at my own time (without pressure of tests & datelines).

Drawing with full passion and whole-heartedly will always find a response from others… hopefully my art connects with many people out there.

Drawing by Lina Yao-Allgaier

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