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Drawing by Hina Dharamsey

Drawing by Hina Dharamsey

Endearing sweetness

I had given up my drawing in the middle years of my life due to non availability of time and motivation. Recently my son asked me when was I the most happiest in my life and on introspection I realized that it was after a good session of drawing. It filled me with wonder and satisfaction. One has to concentrate on the work at hand and that keeps random thoughts away.

Art is proving to be invaluable in my life. Naturally I would like to get better at my work and on seeing the results in the Drawing Academy, I would like to win the course.

Drawing is a necessary part of art and can influence the end result. Confidence in drawing will determine the confidence in the result of the art piece and the return of my confidence in my later life.

Drawing by Hina Dharamsey

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