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Drawing by Ekundayo Femi

Drawing by Ekundayo Femi

A Knight: putting others’ needs first

I am Ekundayo Femi, a beginner self-taught artist & an aspiring 3D Animator from a remote town in the South-Western part of Nigeria.

I was so obsessed with ART as a kid when 2D Animation & Newspaper Cartoons were still the norm of the day. I could remember, I drew a portrait which I was so proud of regardless how it turned out.

With time, artist blocks set in, forcing me to believe only the talented could do it right; until a year ago when I read a blog post which addressed this issue & also revived the artist in me.

Art is life – “a means of portraying your heart to the world when words will do little or nothing.”

I have come across tons of drawing courses, though I haven’t been able to afford any, but based on my reviews of all, I say with full boldness that Drawing Academy is the best; An eye-opener to the world of ART.

Every art challenges I have is what they teach: anatomy, proportions, all to mention but a few.

Winning will be a skyrocket to actualising my dream career. Please, kindly vote for me.

Drawing by Ekundayo Femi

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