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Drawing by Danilo Garcés

Drawing by Danilo Garcés

If life is got a meaning…

My name is Danilo, I’m 21 years old, from Colombia, a philosophy student. I love art, from painting to acting, writing, making music, even photography and film-making, but most of all drawing since it has always been part of my life.

In the cultural background where I grew up there was no such thing as a meaning in art education so I never studied in any formal way, even though that I never stopped drawing.

With years, I tried to portray what I felt with words and pictures; so I taught myself to draw and it’s been a long and fulfilling journey. At the same time I always thought that something was missing.

2 years ago I came upon the Drawing Academy website and finally understood what was the thing I was lacking in my approach to drawing. I did not understand what I saw or how I managed to represent it with a pencil, I was just copying. So, I subscribed to the Drawing Academy email list, watched all the free videos and keep on reading all the emails with tips and advises because I felt that was exactly the kind of drawing, the kind of art I wanted to make.

What I want to learn from the Drawing Academy is how to draw from imagination, in that organic way the old masters did.

Drawing by Danilo Garcés

I do not have a reason as to why should other people vote for me, the only thing that I would like the say is that if studying philosophy has taught me something is that if there’s any meaning in life it lies deep within in what we do out of ourselves, out of the world, but what we do lacks soul if not done through art, because art in the fuel of life.

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