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Drawing by Christina Clark

Drawing by Christina Clark

Beautiful eyes

I am retired and started sketching in October 2016. I always thought about drawing and thought I would give it a go. My only resource of information has been YOUTUBE. I have not had any lessons by doing any courses or lessons by art teachers. It has been very helpful to me and believe that my sketches have improved considerably.

In fact I have just sold 2 sketches (one buyer-owner of 2 dogs drawn) for the very first time ever Oct 2018 I was just over moon, found it hard to believe.

I am hoping that I have the talent to keep improving and hopefully sell more of my sketches. I use pencils and charcoal only and draw from photos only at this stage. I have sketched 3 out of 4 step grand children (last one I was very proud of, one still to be started).

Drawing is very challenging but also very rewarding at the end when I am happy with the results.

Your critique would be very much appreciated.

King regards

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