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Drawing by Carlos Torres

Drawing by Carlos Torres

Metalpoint Koi Fish Drawing

My name is Carlos Torres and I am from Mexico. Art has been my favourite hobby since I can remember. I hope to become a great scientist some day, but also a great artist. I recently became interested in metalpoint drawing techniques because of the Drawing Academy channel on YouTube.

I think that the Drawing Academy course is very complete and that it could be very helpful for me, as it covers metalpoint techniques and anatomy.

I find metalpoint to be a fascinating technique because it has a lot of history and I have never heard of it in my country.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course because I want to improve as an artist, so that metalpoint becomes better known in my country. I would love to pay for the course, but my budget is a little tight since I am pursuing a career in sience.

The following pic is from my first metalpoint drawing, I made it with silver and gold (from a necklace and a ring respectively), and the ground is white gouache with marble dust (4 coatings). The background has a layer of silver, and that layer is covered with two more layers of gold. The lines were made with a silver earring, after that, I did the darkest shadings with silver too. In the final phase I did the rest of the shading with gold. I must say that it was really challenging because it is a new technique for me, but thanks to the two Drawing Academy’s video lessons I achieved my first metalpoint drawing.

I hope you like my drawing and hope that you vote for me, because I think that with your help I could improve a lot.

Have a nice day.

Drawing by Carlos Torres

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