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Drawing by Bill Hengen

Struggling artist

I always thought I had a basic understanding of the fundamentals, though I did struggle a bit to produce the finale result.

It wasn’t until I purchased the Anatomy Master Class when I really, really realized how much of the fundamentals of drawing I lacked.

I have been drawing off and on for a few years now when time allows and have managed to produce some drawings for myself and some commissioned drawings for my family.

drawing of laocoon

The attached drawing took many months to complete as I had trouble shaping and defining the forms, which this course will help me develop.

BTW, I highly recommend the Anatomy Master class for anybody pursuing figurative artwork, it’s an excellent course and well worth the money.

Once I complete this course, I intend on going back to the Anatomy Master class and then on to the Old Masters Academy to complete my education.

Winning this competition, well help me reach that goal.

Thanks for your consideration.

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