Drawing by Barbara Plezia

Drawing by Barbara Plezia

Art: Take it back

My college degree in Graphic Design didn’t prepare me to become a fine artist as it wasn’t expected of you to draw anything at all. So, as someone who enjoys drawing, I needed to find ways to improve drawing and painting skills either by looking at books or the occasional community art course which can be very practical but presented more questions than answers. My challenge was lack of classic curriculum and absence of masterful feedback.

Drawing realistically beyond a photo reference and creating an image that evokes emotion and range of technique is my greatest desire. I stand in awe of the masters and became greatly interested in the Drawing Academy upon learning of the process a student undertakes. As a non-traditional student with precious time it is critical to use time and resources efficiently. Life has tried to bury my passion for art repeatedly. Understanding drawing principles is key to becoming successful at rendering. Learning on your own can be hit or miss.

Drawing by Barbara Plezia

Its only been in the last 3 years that I picked up a pencil to draw an apple. I believe art is evidence of life.

I want to win because art can offer the artist and observer to reconnect to something that rises above the activity of life.

People should vote for me because I have shown initiative and passion for drawing.


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