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Drawing by Anne Duffy

A hare of hope!

Drawing by Anne DuffyThis is my first attempt… no experience of drawing. My creativity has been with fabric and quilting, but I’ve had a drawing urge recently and came across your course. I can’t go out to a class because of physical illness (long boring story, but happiness is regularly nurtured in other ways). I’ve had this illness for 17 years, but am homebound for the last five or so. And while the body is weak, the brain, body, and heart still thrive.

The place of art in my life – critical to sanity. Making quilts and working with colour and fabric has kept me sane. I still love it and still do it, but it takes quite a physical effort, and often I need something I can do just sitting. So I want to add another way of working. Actually I’d like to expand my quilting too by expanding my skills in other areas. So at the moment it’s just me and the fabric – it would be so great if it was me the fabric and the pencil all playing with each other.

I want to learn about form and light, and shading, and expression, and balance, and perspective …. and things I don’t even know I want to learn yet because I don’t know about them.

I loved the ad for the course. All the things said in it, no talent, would be useless etc, just got me going today and I like hares so I just thought okay, give it a go. I blame ye! Now I want more. I was smiling all the time doing this drawing, and now he’s sitting over the fireplace making me laugh. So in answer to the question “why should people vote for me”, I’d say because there are more hares waiting to make me laugh).

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