Drawing by Alejandra

Drawing by Alejandra


Hello everyone, first of all I apologize for the English because I speak Spanish. I introduce myself, my name is Alejandra and I grew up with a very young and widowed mother, so even though I loved every form of art ever since I was a child I had to think about work and I could not officially cultivate my passion that is art; occupies a central place in my life, I am self-taught, I have no artistic training, I love drawing and painting have always been for me the engine and at the same time an oasis, a relief for the soul.

My big challenge is to fill all my shortcomings and lose fear and shame, shaping on paper also a part of the universe of shapes, colors, scenes and characters, imprisoned in my mind.

The Drawing Academy is just what I was waiting for and I thank you for this opportunity, I firmly believe that here I found the guide that will take me on the road that I had to follow from a beginning and help me to cultivate my passion for art, I would like to win the road to overcome the great wall that rises between the image on the outside and the sheet of paper in front of me.

Why should people vote for me? I think they could do it for this I really need a guide to free that universe that lives in my imagination, or because there are so many people who are in my condition and would like to see it is still possible to cultivate dreams even as adults.

I tried to copy the image from a photo, a girl, perhaps not very similar to the original, but I was struck by her childish expression that reflects a bit ‘a state of loss and introspection. Thank you.

Drawing by Alejandra

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