Drawing Academy review by Abhimanyu Singh Tanwar

Life Changing course for me

Hello everyone,

My name is Abhimanyu and I am from India. I am very passionate about drawing since childhood but due to lack of guidance, I was not able to improve my skills in drawing. As a working professional it is very hard to join a regular college to learn fine arts. I am very lucky that I found one, while searching on google – the Drawing academy, an online course.

I did a deep search on Drawing Academy before joining the course and I found it very interesting, also very convenient to learn. I am working in hospitality industry, so time flexibility is very important to me.

Before joining the course I was just drawing beautiful not correctly without proportions. So I took the course to get strong hands on the basic fundamentals of drawing.

Now, I learned a lot after completing the course, but still need to practice a lot to became a professional. I started drawing proportionally correct which I learned from the course. My drawing looks amazing and correct with good proportions and perspective as compare to before.

I liked one line in the videos very much that the “Constructional wireframes is an essential part of good drawing and good drawing is the foundation of great art”.

My friends and colleagues started appreciating me a lot for my art work and that means a lot to me and also now because of this new skills which I learned from this course made me very strong in fine arts which benefits me that, I am able to move from hospitality industry to animation. I would like to thank a lot Drawing Academy to make such amazing courses which are very convenient to everyone.

I would like to recommend to everyone who interested to learn not just to get the diploma, who want to learn as a hobby, specially to those people who didn’t get chance to learn at right time like me but are interested to learn and want to make their career in fine arts. This course gives you strong foundation, deep knowledge and also you can learn anywhere and anytime at your own pace.

Drawing Academy review by Abhimanyu Singh Tanwar

Drawing Academy review by Abhimanyu Singh Tanwar

Thanks & Regards
Abhimanyu Singh Tanwar

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  1. Karen Page says:

    Hi Abhimanyu,

    Thank you for sharing your story and these drawings. I love your drawings, they look realistic, with an artistic flare, they are a pleasure to look at. You have captured a pensive mood in the drawing of the girl with the glasses. The way you have drawn the hair is beautiful, and it frames both faces so well, giving each girl their character.

    Your story is inspiring with how you have improved doing the Drawing Academy course. I have just enrolled in the course and am practicing the basics of pencil-holding, making pencil marks and drawing simple geometrical objects in perspective, a long way to go.

    All the best in your Fine Arts career.

    Karen Page
    Snowy Mountains, Australia

  2. J K says:

    Reading this review and the comment by Karen actually makes me want to buy this course just to apart of such a lovely community!

  3. Beverly Fornasiero says:

    Hi Karen,
    I have just recently joined and now half way through the first month. Cannot get enough of the advice on perspective drawing and the many videos. Just love this Drawing Academy course and how one can get the information when needed. To Abhimanyu, just love those two drawings you have put forward. If I can become just a bit artistic I will be over the moon. For years I have wanted to do a course in the fine arts but could never find the time or the money. What the Drawing Academy Lessons give to a beginner like me is unbelievable and achievable. Thank you to all for the opportunity of these brilliant lessons.

    Beverly Fornasiero Airlie Beach Qld.

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