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Artwork by Shaweta Bahl


As a busy mom and wife, I took up art about 5 years back as an escape from the household responsibilities. Soon, under the apt guidance of my art teacher, it became my passion.

He has always pushed me to take every art piece to the next level of skill and refinement without expecting perfection but embracing the learning that comes in the process. He constantly motivates me to approach each piece as an observing student and an insightful artist.

This piece is a study of a flower arrangement I made for my dining table. I have used traditional techniques to build this piece in many layers. It is far from perfection, but is certainly a dedicated pursuit of learning and is thus named “Dedication”.

As an amateur artist, I have a lot to learn and every source of learning art skills is immensely valuable. I hope I can win this competition as it will be a milestone on my road to learning and creativity.

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  1. Ramon says:

    Beautiful! Love the colors and and composition. It’s very delicate and yet energetic and soulful. Congratulations!

  2. Punam Jaggi says:

    Wow, I am very impressed by this painting. The colours and the work is very pleasing to the eyes and I want to keep looking at it.

  3. Savita Kalsi says:

    This piece does not look like the work of an amatuer artist atall. It is awesome, very exquisite. I would not hesitate to call it “Perfection”. I love the whole composition, but the vase, the reflection of it, the leaf… Everything is perfect…I just love it. I would love to learn from Shaweta or her teacher.

    • Shaweta says:

      Savi aunty, thanks for such generous appreciation ! It’s because of your ‘ affection ‘ that u have given the name ‘ perfection’ . … really like it though.

  4. Seeba says:

    Amazing piece of art Nonu di.It’s very clean with beautiful & subtle colors. Wish you could teach me someday :) All the very best!

  5. Shweta Sharan says:

    Absolutely wonderful . You were always talented & had such an eye for all things artistic. Now they have been honed even better to an altogether awesome level. I agree with Savita Kalsi that they don’t look like the work of an amateur. Talent & Art aside , I am soooo proud of you that you have done this for yourself but at the same time never ignoring being a super wife, mom, daughter , sister & friend . You are an inspiration to many if us. & out family echoes the same thoughts & feels proud of you . Don’t say it often but I love you & think the world of you. Continue to do more such beautiful work & reach new heights… With your passion & talent.

  6. Ekta.A says:

    Marvelous ! That’s the word. I love the entire concept and the colors used. It’s such a fine work, exact colors, refined hues, smooth and soft lines, painted so well. I always knew you are quite a detail oriented and elegant person, but your art proves it all. Excellent work bhabhi. Love it totally. Keep it going ! :)

    • Shaweta says:

      Heer, coming from you it means a lot as you are very artistic yourself . Thanks a ton dear and wishing you the very best in your endeavors .

  7. Karishma Harpalani says:

    Wow- amazing. I love the fact although the type of flowers in the pot are the same each flower is unique and at a different stage of life.

    • Shaweta says:

      Karishma, You have made a beautiful observation on the piece that all flowers are at different stages of life. Thanks so much !

  8. Norionview says:

    Your work is lovely! It is obvious that you have paid attention to your teachers. Because of this, I don’t feel it would be right to grant you a scholarship to the Drawing Academy. I am also an artist and attended painting classes and art college but I paid for my Drawing Academy course to improve my skills. I feel the scholarships should be granted to those who are struggling to better their work and perhaps don’t have a teacher nearby. I think your work is beutiful and, frankly, at this point if you wish to invest in your art and go to the next level, you should purchase the course. I think the scholarships should be saved for up and coming artists who have a passion but lack the training, which you obviously don’t.

    My comment is a sincere compliment and I hope you agree that there are others who truly NEED the gift.

    • Shaweta says:

      I really appreciate your honest opinion. As far as the scholarship is concerned, you are right, it should be given to who truly need the gift. But since this is a competition and the winner is announced not based on the fact that he/she needs scholarship but on the fact that how much appreciation the artwork receives. Therefore, the the winner should be announced in all fairness.

      Also, this competition is so designed that people can leave their views on the artwork. As this is the first time I am participating in such a competition, it is a great platform for me to display my work and receive responses. It is highly motivating for me to see such a positive response. Participation is the key factor not the results.

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