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Painting by Sushma Sabnis


After retirement from a 37 years of medical career, I embarked on completing BA in Fine Arts in University of Arts London. I studied all art theory, history and conceptual art. Although I did installation, video & photography in my final degree course, my heart was in Classical painting. I am glad that I found this website. I love the Old Masters art.

After practicing technique in painting Still-lifes, I have moved on to Human figure.

This young Monk was sitting in a widow of a monastery in a sombre and lost in his thoughts. I wondered whether he was missing and contemplating his home life which probably missing?

I sketched him roughly and then photographed him. So this image is culmination of it. I have done under painting with burnt sienna and then Gamblin oil paints.

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  1. Notionview says:

    I think you would get a lot of benefit from the Drawing Academy’s program. The lectures on human forms are fabulous! I encourage you to BUY the course and save the scholarship for those who have a passion but are unable to attend university or private lessons due to their location or lack of money. I am grateful to have purchased the program. Buying it made it all the more worthwhile!

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