Colors of my world

Colors of my world

Artwork by Karolina Pertek

Artwork by Karolina Pertek

Hello everyone who want to read:)

I study architecture on 4th year in Poland. I like it, but it isn’t a thing which I love. Since I was a child first place I’m my life had painting and drawing. I had never finished any art school, even if it was my dream. Just in high school I was attending for drawing course to an amazing studio, where i learned that maybe I’m not that bad as i was thinking.

Art is giving me joy and peace. I prefer painting because of possibility of using colors. It is letting me express my soul and mood.

Because I’m mostly self-taught, I have a lot of lacks in my art education. I wish to connect my life with art. Maybe even start studies on art university as I was planning all my life. But to do this I need to learn basics which will give me more self-confidence. I sow some demo videos from this course and it is offering an amazing instructions and inspirations which I would like to learn and follow. Also I have big hope to finally learn how to draw a face, because till now it is a mystery for me:)

Thank You very much for Your support:)

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  1. Tala says:

    Your piece of work is wonderful, Karolina. I wish you all the best in the future, and hopefully you will carry on doing what you love and what you’re great at! You’ve got my full support! Best wishes, Natalia Bakowska

  2. Oguzhan POLAT says:

    Karolına , your talent lookıng perfect , actually the best …. I wısh , and if ı feel true , u can be so famous with this talent .. u r special girl … my support comıng to u ; u wıll be perfect , I trustıng you :) Oguzhan POLAT

  3. n4dj4 says:

    Great work!! I love this flow of color and how the light appear over the dark! It doesn’t seems that you are self-taught, really! Very good work Carolina, i wish you all the best!! Nadja Frau

  4. selin cengiz says:

    Karolina ıts very original and perfect harmony of colors, love it. I support you and your art. I know one day you will do what you want cause you have this talent and enthusiasm.Best wishes :)

  5. MałgorzataS says:

    Muszę przyznać, że obraz jest bardzo ciekawy, zastosowana kolorystyka nadaje cały charakter postaci, oddaje nastrój.

  6. Pinelopi says:

    Karolina your work is as amazing as you! I hope you keep doing what you love and what you’re so good at!

  7. aybuke says:

    Karolina, your art looks great. I believe that you will be where you want in the future. Good luck.

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