A Celebration of Color!

A Celebration of Color!

From Sophy Laughing

Shhhh. I have a secret. I have two impediments to becoming a great artist: One, I am technically colorblind; two, I am a new “rightie” ~ due to a slight accident, I am now teaching myself to switch from my left- to my right-hand.

Living in a color-sighted world, I quickly learned that roses are red and violets are blue, socks come in pairs and are easily matched and, most of the time, clothing is labeled. If I accidentally pair an article of clothing that is not traditionally paired together, color-wise, I am often credited with making a bold statement: to which I respond with a big smile.

It wasn’t until I was given an eye test that my colorblindness was discovered. “What number do you see in the circle?” the technician asked me. “Which circle?” I responded.

The entire circle was made up of colors and apparently there was a number inside it made up of differing colors so as to see a contrast. It is contrasts and hues that I do not “see”. As much as I would love to see what others view in an impressionist painting, for example, I’m sorry to say that most of the composition fades from my view. I do not perceive light colors, and often times confuse reds and blues and purples and grays, but I am of the opinion that I imagine them in my mind’s eye.

A Celebration of Color

Over the years, I have memorized hundreds of variations of colors. While I still do not recognize them, I do have an appreciation for the variances of color among objects. This aids me in choosing an appropriate color for my artwork.

In 2005, I was in an accident and ended up switching hands. A couple of years later, supporting my daughter’s interest in art, I began drawing Stick Figures. Within a couple of months, my dexterity improved, and I began drawing realistic faces, something I loved to draw as a kid. Recognizing how much people respond to color and faces, I decided to try to express myself with a face full of color! A celebration of color! …if you will.

This is my very best attempt at expressing how mixed up colors are in my own mind, but how very much I appreciate and imagine what they might look like in the minds of others. If you are a color-sighted person, I hope the colors are appealing and perhaps convey my sense of appreciation that such a medium exists that even a colorblind artist might express themselves in a world they cannot see, but can most certainly perceive.

For me, art is a matter of perception. It is something we feel, even if we can’t see it.

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  1. Shenn says:

    Wow! Great piece! I love your article as well, it is amazing that you are colorblind since your paintings always have such beautiful colors!

    • Sophy Laughing says:

      Thank you, Shenn … you’re such a Sweetie and a VERY TALENTED ARTIST!
      Looking forward to your submission! …

  2. Patrick says:

    Your eye’s may not detect color but your mind creates many color’s brightly! Besides if you cannot see the colors of your art, then you cannot be as harsh a critic on yourself :)

    • Sophy Laughing says:

      Thank you, Patrick … you’re right, it is tough to criticize things you don’t “see” … :D

      Naturally, I prefer to view paintings in person. Digitized I lose the essence of the work. But in person, I can see the brush strokes and the shapes that the paint makes. This is how I think of “art” … one brush stroke at a time. It takes me a bit longer to digest a piece of art, but in the same respect, it is nice to spend time with a piece … it allows you to really take it in.

  3. Fred Stewart says:

    To be colourblind and to be able to pronounce colours like this from your heart and soul, is just showing the true love for the gift you have been given ,….I wish you well and success ,…….truely gifted by the spirits ,…….xx

    • Sophy Laughing says:

      Thank you, Fred, for your generous compliment. One thing is for certain, I do love art and have always loved drawing and crafting things, be it from paint, out of wood, or even with cake frosting!

    • Sophy Laughing says:

      Thank you, Lizanne ~ win or not, this has been a very fun experience. Hopefully the drawing academy will award a number of prizes. I read some amazing stories of individuals whom I’d really like to see win lessons and with that gain the knowledge they need to take their art to the next level in order to reach their dreams. I’m supportive of all who have entered and happy to be among those showcased here. Thanks for the boost of confidence! :D

  4. Sophy Laughing says:

    Being a philosopher (who works in the preservation of antiquities), I simply had to take a few moments this morning to ruminate on the deeper concepts behind my own artwork, as well as the deeper significance of the aesthetic experience in general. Here is a link to the article for those who might be interested in exploring what makes art “art” … a question I believe that is relevant to all who engage in an artistic journey.


    Also … a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who voted for me and who left comments on my artwork. Please take a moment to view the artwork of other contestants. There are some truly talented individuals participating in this contest.

    Best of luck to all … and thank you to the Drawing Academy for organizing this event.

    Sophy :D

  5. Dan Shutt says:

    One of my absolute favorite aspects of learning more about you is that, while a “new” friend such as I digs in to find another layer of gifted complexity, you are busy adding even MORE layers on top. As you know, I am a huge fan of your stick-figures, so it is a real treat to see you unwrap another aspect of you to share with the world. It is indeed a privilege.

    PEACE !

    • Sophy Laughing says:

      “Peace, Namaste, and Goodwill” … the concepts I imagine of when I think of you, Dan, and all your diligent efforts to advance a noble and exalted mixture of self-reliance, interdependence and social connectivity throughout your philanthropic organizations.

      Thank you for the compliment and again for allowing my Stick Figures to participate your organization’s fundraisers.

      Peace… !

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