Campesina Collecting Water

Campesina Collecting Water

Artwork by Luis E Sevilla


I’m a 65 years young men with a gift of God at birth. I discover that I was able to draw at a very early age, I’ll guest I was about 6 years old. I grew up drawing a lot during my early years when I discover how good I feel creating thing on paper with my own hand and brain.

When I grew up to my adolescence age I tend to slow down with my passion since I felt more responsibility getting into high school and latter on to pursue my engineering degree in civil engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua (UNAN).

I was born in the City and Port of Corinto a small Island in the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. I came with my wife to USA in 1979 and start working as an Structural engineer in the Oil and Gas Industry until my early retirement in 2011 due to illness. During my years as an Structural Engineer I start painting in different media as oil and pastel and recently in my retirement I start painting for a first time in Acrylic. Unfortunately I have not been as prolific as I would like to be with my art work.

The most important thing is that I’m on my track once again and I feel that I still got. I have never received any art lesson and I know that I need to learn more technique.

Please, review my work that I’m submitting. The painting is inspired by the remembrance of the daily life in my lovely Island, when thing where very simple and not potable water existed in the town. There were several public places where people collected free water from a well.

I need it to win not only for my ego, but to get the incentive to continue my art work, to help to continue with my passion.

I feel it is never to late to recoup the years I missed by building my career. I have more work to show you, please help me to win.

The work is in acrylic measure it approximate 22″x28″.

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  1. Manuel Jr CR says:

    This is an amazing and great painting, I really like the things that I felt; observing the old woman carrying the water, the field behind her, she has no shoes…I just got back in the history of many towns like this one. I want a painting like this in my living room or even my office… I love It. Great Job Luis !!!

  2. Javier García says:

    It’s a beautiful work with a real story. I like this paint, because is the expression of the real life of our Campesinas (rural Latinamerican people) and how to demonstrate (in the paint) that this Lady has to walk many kilometer to get the precious liquid to her family. Two great jobs: The paint and contents!!!
    Thanks Luis for this effort!!!!

  3. Jose Delagneau says:

    I like very much Luis Sevilla’s paintings, the one that is an excellent painting is “THE PROFESSOR” and also is: “LA CAMPESINA”.


    Jose Delagneau

  4. Francisco Sevilla says:

    WoW! This is truly Beautiful artwork, I’ve always admired your work from an early age and this is an exquisite piece, I wish you the Best and a speedy recovery. May God Bless You Always!

  5. Judie Williams Harris says:

    I love the colors and the reality portrayed in this painting. You are very talented and I hope you will continue with your incredible art talent.

  6. Norma A. Mayorga says:

    Awesome! I liked the expression of the face, it’s looked the campesina is talking with somebody else. Congratulation, keep going!!!!

  7. magda says:

    Beautiful, great details.. Luis Sevilla is truly an inspirational painter giving life to this latin american hard working lady. It reminds me of back home and of our ways when i was a child and for that reason this work of art is priceless to me.. cause i would pay anything for this painting!!

  8. Rosa Montoya says:

    This painting is an example of the talent that Luis Sevilla has in his hands. The most interesting observation is the subject of this beautiful image because it speaks of our Latin American culture, the reality of our peoples. In summary, this beautiful painting has managed to capture the soul of our people. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. yolihannon says:

    Very expressive painting it captures a true inage of a campesina working in the field. The colors are vivid and make the campesina come alive. Her tanned face portraying time spent under the intense sun of Nicaragua, to the verdant pasture, pink dress an her beautiful shawl. A great piece of art. Congratulations cousin.

  10. Yoli says:

    Very expressive painting it captures a true inage of a campesina working in the field. The colors are vivid and make the campesina come alive. Her tanned face portraying time spent under the intense sun of Nicaragua, to the verdant pasture, pink dress an her beautiful shawl. A great piece of art. Congratulations cousin.
    Keep up with this great gift.

  11. Miriam Delagneau says:

    Hi Luis!, How great to know you decided to make your talent known. Very impressive hope you win, you are the best.

  12. Francisco Mayorga Jr. says:

    It is very seldom that I find a painting that brings out the other senses. In this particular case, I can even “smell” the moment – which is a curious feeling. Great Job Tio Luis!

  13. Niudyl Perez Porta says:

    When I firts saw your artwork, I really got the feeling of being in a Latinamerican country, when those strong women, everyday, take some water from a public well to prepare with love and abnegation a drink, food, for their family. A real and human paintwork! You really have a gift from God to create and inspire people with your brushes! Congratulations!

  14. Verónica Narbona B.- says:

    Luis, tu cuadro está precioso, te has inspirado proyectando a la verdadera campesina nuestra dandole vida, tienes el arte en tus manos, espero poder adquirir algun día una de tus obras para exhibirla en mi hogar, sería un verdadero honor.

  15. Mario Jose Porta Garcia says:

    Luis, i admire deeply as plasmas by this excellent paint the necessity and the cultural environment they lived and still live many Latin American countries . My vote and support to achieve your goal and can win this contest, the best for you want Pompey and Mario Porta.

  16. Mario Jose Porta Garcia says:

    Luis, admiro profundamente como plasmas por medio de esta excelente pintura, la necesidad y el ambiente cultural que vivieron y aún viven muchos países latinoamericanos. Doy mi voto y apoyo para que logres tu objetivo y puedas ganar este concurso, te deseamos lo mejor Pompeyo y Mario Porta García

  17. sazacé macnally says:

    Estimado Luis, Siempre te he considerado una gloria de mi colegio por haber sido el mejor alumno y haber dado el discurso de despedida de tu promoción de 1969, ahora agrego más brillo a la misma por tu talento que leo es nato en ti. Mi voto para que puedas ganar el concurso con esta bella pintura digna de mi patria Nicaragua. Sarita /promo 1975

  18. Carlos R. Jovel Arana says:

    I was amazed with de beauty of this painting, not only by the paint itself, but also for the meaning of the subject, the motive that it represents. This image is very typical of our central american countries, in rural areas. The lack of water in some areas, obliges the peasants to go to some places, nearby rivers or natural wells to pick up the water in recipients called “cantaros”, like the one the woman is holding over her shoulder, or also in “valdes” (buckets), like the one is hanging from her rigth hand.
    This painting is extraordinary, and I really congratulate effusively the author.

  19. Waleuska says:

    Tio congratulations the painting is beautiful. Captures the essence of San Benito and the simplicity in which people lived their lives. I hope you win

  20. FRANCIA SMITH says:

    I love the fact that you are cultivating one of the many talents that the good Lord has given you. You bring to life the simplicity of a different world unknown to many here in the United States. It makes me wonder what she might be looking at, where the road behind her might lead and who might be waiting for her at home. I look forward to seeing your work as your talent continues to evolve. We love you!

  21. Manuel Sevilla says:

    Hermosa pintura, realmente eres todo un artista.Te felicito por dejarnos ver tus lindas creaciones en pintura.

  22. Chela says:

    It’s a painting that’s very original with great taste and is very artistic. I congratulate you for your great talent.

  23. Chester Delagneau says:

    Hi Luis, congratulations, glad to vote for for such a great work of art no doubt La Campesina will be the chosen one. Good luck.

    Chester Delagneau G.

  24. Marco T. Lazo says:

    Meaningful painting. Vividly shows our countryside woman’s attributes: physical strength, strong character, hard work ethics and a noble soul. Her intense and defiant look talks about pride and dignity and a certain willingness to give up her life for her loved ones.
    It is just a masterpiece. Congratulations Luis!

  25. Carlos Velazquez says:

    This is a VERY good painting. Nicely texturized and detailed to such an extent that you can read the woman’s story between the lines: like you were right there alongside her. Two thumbs up!!!

  26. Maria Jose Parodi Delagneau says:


  27. Jason Sevilla says:

    This is such an amazing art work Tio . I’m loving everything about it and how it represents our people! Keep painting because God gave you such an amazing gift.

    Your sobrino
    Jason Sevilla

  28. Sergio Bendaña Incer says:

    La pintura refleja la vida cotidiana de una mujer en el puerto de Corinto en esos años, refleja la identidad de una mujer trabajadora para el bien comun de su familia.

  29. Sergio Rubinton says:

    El Arte es nato en los Nicaragüenses, Ruben Dario lo demostró y vos Luis con esta pintura es otra muestra de nuestro arte.Buena Suerte, espero salgas Avante Orgullosamente Nicaragüense y Febrerista

  30. jgsiler says:

    The campesina-collecting- water is an amazing painting. The artist of the painting is also an amazing and very talented individual.

  31. cabanillas says:

    Wonderful painting!! It is amazing that you do not have any formal training. You have a true gift!! Keep painting, Mr. Sevilla.

  32. Ana says:

    El arte es un don entregado por la naturaleza,se cultiva,forma y transforma, el arte es belleza,pasión, creación y placer que se va sentiendo y trasmitiendo. Muy lindo Luis lo que haces, te felicito por el talento que tienes,te deseo mucho Exito

  33. Carlos Nicaman says:

    This is real proof that age means nothing, the person who did this is an artist. The drawing reflects a real life campesina and the way it shows the reflection of the woman in her daily chores are beautiful, it makes me remember when I was a kid and saw the ladies walking by to get the precious water. The gentleman deserves to win. My vote for him to keep cultivating his talent.

  34. Kenny Kinyon says:

    Truly a great piece of art. Something very humble about the woman. I vote for “la campesina”… Keep up the good work.

  35. artnsissy says:

    Congratulations -beautiful painting. Never doubt that the world needs more of your paintings in it. Be good to yourself first to continue your healing process and then find time relaxing to paint for all of us that appreciate your wonderful work. Bless you.

  36. Enrique O. says:

    Dear Luis,
    the main focus in all this ordeal is your health, without it life will be abstract, so take care of yourself first, paintings will come along same as you did it before.
    I hope some day you’ll have the chance to get a formal art training, you’re in the right path.
    Get well soon & keep your mind going on painting.
    fine regards,
    Enrique O.

  37. Body Theology says:

    You have much more artistic work to do for all the world to see…get well very soon and my prayers are with you!

  38. VIDAL says:

    La verdadera felicidad para un artista es poder divertirse con lo que hace y esta emoción le llevará a sanarse completamente. Felicitaciones por su triunfo bien merecido. Eres un gran artista. Un abrazo.

  39. VIDAL says:

    True happiness for an artist is to have fun with what you do and this emotion will help you fully heal. Congratulations on your well-deserved triumph. You are a great artist. A hug.

  40. Johann Krammer says:

    Dear Luis,
    I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to many beautiful pictures from you!
    Kind regards,

  41. microbet says:

    You have a lot of talent and the Drawing Academy can help you to continue to improve. Keep believing in yourself and your healing.

  42. Jayada says:

    Dear Luis,
    Beautiful painting!
    Colors are angels of joy and healing coming to us trough Art, can you feel that?. :)))
    Just experiment play with colors and see what comes to you. just feel that experience of being completely into the quality of the colors with watercolors. Watercolors is more subtle healing media and more natural pigment. some beautiful spiritual connection can come from this media.
    Rainbows, flowers, landscapes, trees, birds, seeds, rivers, oceans of love flowing to you.
    Art can help you a lot in your healing process so keep on it <3
    Jayada Carvalho
    (Art Therapist)

  43. Jeff the chef says:

    Praying for a swift and complete recovery. Love your painting! I can tell the content meaningful to you and I think that is critical to making it speak to others. Wishing you all the best!

  44. Aviruth Meesupa says:

    Dear Luis
    You make me understand how life is beautiful……..
    I am waiting to see and share your painting……
    Kind Regards,
    Ball Aviruth. From Maehongson, Thailand.

  45. Dottie says:

    Get will soon. I can just sense the emotion and warmth in the picture and recall days from my youth of seeing women working and carrying buckets. You have so much to offer. Waiting to see more from you. Congratulations. You rock!@!@!

  46. Andrea Chaney says:

    Dear Luis,
    Congratulations !!! You have so many more paintings to create and share , and your journey has just begun !!!
    I am also a cancer survivor, and life becomes more precious when you’ve walked this path- but there IS much life to live , give and enjoy :) !!!
    Wishing you a quick recovery and much happiness with your art !!!
    Andrea Chaney

  47. Carlos Gama says:

    Luis: I sincerely wish you a complete recovery, we need you in our art community for many years. Te mando un fuerte abrazo desde Mexico. Best regards. Carlos Gama

  48. teresa johnson says:

    My daughter had two bone marrow transplants. The second one was at MDAnderson. She got completely well from stage 4 cancer. Great place to go. She nevered complaint and always trusted Jesus to take care of her. He did answer her prayers.

  49. mfalzon says:

    Amazing talent. Looking forward to seeing many more of it. You are going thorough a very tough and trying time but keep at it and you will come out a winner! You are in our mind and prayers. Get well soon Luis!


  50. teresalynn says:

    Nice job on your work. God Bless you and I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to more paintings. You are a winner.


    I also wish you well. Keep on with the drawing and painting! May God grant you a perfect recovery!

  52. Lisa Statkus says:


    Beautiful picture! And keep up the good work…art is its own type of healing. I wish you all the best in the world!


  53. sterken graphics says:

    Congratulations on your success and thank you for the beautiful artwork!

    I pray that your health returns and you experience a full recovery soon. Get well soon,Luis.

  54. Carol Grace de Sofia says:

    Querido Luis!

    Si crees en la vida como se ve en tus pinturas, la muerte no te alcanzará!!

    El Arte nos conecta con una dimensión superior, sumérgete en ella!!


  55. Carol Grace de Sofia says:

    Dear Luis!

    If you believe in life such as your artworks show, death will not reach you!!

    Art connects us to a more elevated dimension, immerse in it!



  56. nadine says:

    First we are so happy that you are getting well. Of course we do support you. Your painting is awsome! a professional level. Do continue. we love it, with all its difficult detail you are managing so well, colors are beautiful. But the woman has a hard look. would love to see more.

    From Lebanon
    Nadine Ghorra
    I am also a teacher in Cinema

  57. Bolivar Chagas says:

    Dear Luis,
    Your painting is so beautiful, charming. A country woman carrying water, filling her buckets maybe to wash clothes for others in payment; the picture call us to the calm fields of living in the camp, in a farm. Peaceful place to live, to paint, to feel the pure water in our hands. Congratulations. I wish you sincerely a good recovery. I had cancer too, many years ago. I am healed now. I took the recommendation from my doctor: avoid stress. Please, have faith, pray, hold your hands in the Hands of God, of Jesus who gave his life for us. And all of us hope to see more and more great pictures from you again. Bye, I pray for you. Be strong! Life is great! Big hugs from Brazil.
    Bolivar Chagas.

  58. ochiengnewton says:

    Dear Luis.

    your art story is an interesting one.I pray to my father God in the
    mighty name of Jesus for it to be well with you.
    his will is always sufficient for us. GET WELL SOON LUIS.

  59. Bell says:

    Hello Luis,

    There are such things as “another chance” and it is up to us to take it or leave it. I am glad You are Taking the chance. You have lots of talent and your painting is charged with emotion. Keep it up and don’t let anything discourage you. Art is a way from God to help us cope and heal. I am a witness of that. Thank you for sharing and congratulations!!!

  60. says:

    Hello Luis,

    Great job on this painting, I love your style. There’s a strengh there, that’s powerfull. I wish I could do that…
    I’m writing you from Portugal and wishing you well soon. Keep up the good work, it’s very inspiring, it’s great for us to see and learn with it!
    Best wishes

  61. Sigmar says:

    Hi Luis

    Please get get well soon so we can continue enjoying your art.

    Best regards

  62. zalharris says:


    Lo felicito por tan exelente trabajo! Es una obra muy bien ejecutada e interesante. Pienso que su relato es muy inspirador, ya que mucha gente piensa que es muy tarde para empezar cuando ya son adultos, pero en verdad el arte está ahí para aprobecharla, y teniendo cursos como estos eso se facilita mucho más.
    Siga adelante y que Dios lo siga bendiciendo con salud y con tan especial talento!


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