Artwork by Alp Moğulkoç

Artwork by Alp Moğulkoç

Hi guys, I’m Alp, student from Türkiye, 21 years old.

As a child, I drew soldiers, castles, knights, catapults and make them fight on the paper :D

Drawing never left me, I made designs, small sketches in the school when bored. And last years I started to take it seriously. I searched a lot of tutorials on the internet but those were like How to draw eyes, buildings, trees … etc.

I wanted to learn fundamental techniques of drawing. I understand that without a good foundation, its is impossible to draw skillfully.

I first saw Drawing Academy last year. It was a time when I was far away from home and having difficult times. I left the college because of financials and moved to my relatives, who are in a different state.

Recently I started a correspondence university and I find more free time now. I want to use this time usefully and learn drawing as well.

I think all Drawing Academy lessons, community and articles are so helpful. Becoming a member of this site must be amazing, it looks so comprehensive and promising.

I really like to help people if I can. If you help me to win this drawing course, I will really appreciated your help. Most likely your good deed will be returned to you in other ways. I think that what humanity is, helping, giving hand to others and taking.

Thanks for giving me time and reading about me.

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