Artworks by Annette Smith, Drawing Academy Graduate

Annette Smith

enrolled in the Drawing Academy online course in 2018 and has been a very active student and our art community contributor ever since. Her drawing skills were steadily growing with every drawing task she did.

She was constantly in contact with the Academy tutors, sending her artworks for critique and getting our feedback. She completed a great array of various exercises, starting from very simple yet essential tasks like how to sharpen and hold a pencil the correct way, how to draw in perspective, how to use constructive drawing principles, how to draw man-made and organic objects from life, memory and imagination, how to use rules of aerial perspective, how to use good composition in artworks, and so much more.

Here’s what Annette says:

“I joined the Drawing Academy a while back.

I tell you, there is not a better place in the whole world to learn how to draw. The most wonderful thing that happened to me was having a wonderful teacher, Vladimir. I have been with him for a long time, and he keeps reminding me that I am doing great, don’t hurry. He won’t leave me. I don’t have anything to worry about! He has taught me so much already.

So, a very grateful thank you to Mr. London.”


Here are just a few examples of hundreds and hundreds of artworks Annette did in the Drawing Academy course.

Artworks by Annette Smith, Drawing Academy Graduate

Artworks by Annette Smith, Drawing Academy Graduate

Artworks by Annette Smith, Drawing Academy Graduate

We wish Annette all creative success she deserves.

Kind regards,
Drawing Academy team

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