Artwork by Salh Abes

Art is a beautiful skill that I wish I could acquire!

Hi everyone, I’m Salh and I’m a 23 guy from Algeria. I’ve been introduced to art a few years back by a friend and I have fallen in love with it ever since, the way it allows me to see more colors where ever I look and the way simple things are all of a sudden much more complicated and interesting, the sky is no longer a solid blue and a rock is no longer a block of randomness, I absolutely love being able to see more of the world.

One of the things about art is how calm and relaxed it makes us feel but that hasn’t been lately the case with me, after a while of improper self teaching I find myself terrified of picking up a pencil, I fear of what a stoke might look like, I just want to be confident in making my lines, and judging proportions and perspective.

I was browsing YouTube for help when I came by the Drawing Academy Chanel, after watching a few videos I knew that Drawing academy is exactly what I needed and wanted, the videos were clear and the course plan made sense and I was amazed about the concept of learning from old masters which now I believe is the proper way to approach Drawing.

The only other option was an art atelier that was literally beyond the Mediterranean Sea and for the lack of means “Drawing Academy” is a God sent.

Thank for reading and please help me get this fantastic course to learn drawing, it’s only been my dream since I was a child.

Artwork by Salh Abes

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