Artwork by Radosveta

Artwork by Radosveta

Radosveta Zhelyazkova Fine Art

My name is Radosveta, I’m from Bulgaria. I am creative and a mother of two loud boys. Once upon a time I worked in an office but now I am sharing my love of art with the people – also lovers of art. I adore all sorts of art but my main medium is oil on canvas.

I love nature in its many manifestations. My family owns lands of lavender and sage. I often spend my free time in the countryside around their farm. I am inspired by what I see there. This is how I create my landscapes of grass, meadows, lilacs and lilies, of seas of wheat and orchards of trees.

I also love to travel and explore different destinations around the world. My paint brush is my constant companion. It helps me to capture and recreate my travels. You can see some of them in my paintings.

The main challenge that face as an artist is: I often find it difficult to market my work. The art market is extremely competitive and I find myself spending many hours in marketing my artpieces in social media, via e-mail marketing, in correspondence with galleries from different countries. If I could spend less hours on that, I would be more productive in front of my canvas.

Artwork by Radosveta

In art I want to learn specific techniques for painting/drawing and sketching human face and body.

I think that the online course of Drawing Academy is one of the best places to learn art for me specifically because it offers the convenience to stay at home and study. I also got an excellent review about teacher Vladimir London from a friend of mine, and a colleague as well, who won previously the contest.

Through this course I am looking forward to improving my skills in painting/drawing human anatomy and human body. I also hope that this class will challenge me to think in new ways and see things differently and from another perspective.

Enjoy my art here and I would be more than happy if you vote for it!
I wish you the very best,

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