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Artwork by Prasanth Kali

This is how I fight my Demons

Artwork by Prasanth Kali

My name is Prasanth Kali, I am a B.Tech Graduate and I live in India. From my study life onwards I developed a great passion to become a Book author and to be a full time Artist. For, I believe that books and arts are two God given gifts to reveal what the beauty of human minds can create and acquire. Neither my friends nor my parents support me in this, even a voice in my head whispers all the time that “Book” is for folly and “Art” is for destitution yet here I am, resisting all those demons and moving in my journey.

I am so obsessed with art that I spent seven hours continuously drawing “Supper” as my first art with zero skill and zero technique. After completing my first art I came to know that Art is a vast ocean and copying someone’s art is like trying to swim in it without hands and legs. So I started my journey by spending many days searching for a place where I can give life to my passion. After analyzing many books, visiting many sites and YouTube channels and after watching many demo classes and as an Art lover, I can guarantee that Drawing Academy is the only Eden garden where one can breath life into one’s Artistic works for far much more lesser price.

Unfortunately for my present situation I cannot afford this great chance. If I earn this membership my journey becomes easier else it becomes tougher but for sure there would be a day where you will here my story far from any drawing course from outside world. Please do vote for me.

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