Artwork by Patricia Adamczyk

Artwork by Patricia Adamczyk

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Hi everyone!

I was born and lived my whole life in Poland. Although my path wasn’t always clear, I finally found it. I believe that art is what makes my limbs move every morning. For some time I was trying to convince myself that I do not need it, that I can aspire perfection in any other field and be happy with it. That is not true. Without drawing and painting I was always missing something.

For some time now I have been studying all different kinds of drawing techniques, watching tons of tutorials and reading a whole bunch of books. That is how I found some videos describing the classical masters methods of drawing. I really wish that some day I would know even a part of what was known to the artists eg. in renaissance. My ultimate goal is to be able to call myself a master of fine arts. And I believe I am capable of this. Some day, hopefully with the help from Drawing Academy lessons!

Artwork by Patricia Adamczyk

I really appreciate Drawing Academy approach to remind modern artists about the true meaning of fine art. A few things which I saw in free videos already changed the way I am thinking about organizing my drawings (eg I keep repeating “draw what you know, not what you see” like mantra now!).

I’d love to win the course as I believe this is the right way for me as an artist. Participating in it would be a huge step for me on my way to create some masterpieces.

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