Artwork by Pablo Morfín

Artwork by Pablo Morfín

Facing the adversity

I’m from Mexico, and I loved to draw since I have memory, I used to draw cartoons more often, but then I got more interested in realism as I grow up, I’m 21 years old now and I am desperately chasing perfection.

I would like to make art my profession, I dreaming to become an excellent painter and also write and illustrate a comic book which is my childhood dream which also I keep daydreaming so often.

Unfortunately In my city there isn’t a college that teaches with the same quality as the academic ateliers and even if there is a college, I couldn’t be able to keep going with my studies in college because my family and I are passing through really hard times.

I want to paint like the old masters and even better, I want to draw and paint anything even from my imagination or memory.

I think Drawing Academy is way to keep learning what I want, because it matches with what I’m looking for.

I want to win this drawing course because I want to learn the best!

Please vote for me because I have the Talent and you can watch it on my page, and I have faith that this course will help me a lot.

Artwork by Pablo Morfin

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