Artwork by Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami

Artwork by Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami


I am Mohammad Barangi Fashtami. I was born at Rasht, a northern city of Iran. I studied in the field of art at vocational school and university. I made artwork from my teenager hood. But I concentrate on my passion in art since I started my college. It is about 9 years that I constantly illustrate for book and participate in different festivals. As you know I do illustration as well. I used printmaking as the chosen technique and the result is so well in my work. In this context, I try to professionally pursue my passion in works have been shown and won in so many international and internal festivals and exhibitions.

A disable person or even a child. Considering of my hand disability, I used to do most of my works by the help of my leg. So this project might be interesting for whoever has disability.

It`s beautiful for me to show the eastern mood through the combination of Persian types with eastern elements which are the contemporary people`s believes. showing this mood that i currently living in it, motivates visitors to have a new look into the east.

Artwork by Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami

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