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Artwork by Melinda Wilde

Artwork by Melinda WIlde

Vibrant Island Flare!

I am a mother of five, living on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest. Obviously I love art(or I wouldn’t be here!), but more than that, it has allowed me to be not just mother of five, chief cook, washer woman and dog walker.

Pursuing my art over the last 30 years has given me a persona beyond those very important jobs. I admit though, it took me years to say “I am an artist”…it kind of stuck in my throat as though I wasn’t worthy to be included in that realm of creative persons. As a result, I have a passion to help people create and have taught watercolour painting for many years to people who think they are not creative.

I love seeing the reaction of my students when they produce something they are proud of! This leads me to my own personal challenge; I would like to be a better drawer.

Being self taught, I feel I have missed out on the technical aspects of drawing.

I have listened to a few of the Drawing Academy tutorials and am fully intrigued by the professional information, succinctly presented. I know I could benefit from taking this on line course and it would help me round out my art abilities.

I hope to get your vote for this so I can pass this learning on to my students through the courses I teach and intend to teach in the future.
Thanks for your time!


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