Artwork by Kenneth Leon Roberts

Artwork by Kenneth Leon Roberts

An American Illustrator, Kenneth Leon Roberts

As an American illustrator, I work and live in Provo, Utah U.S.A. I currently am an author / illustrator who writes children’s books and creates illustrations, which teaches values. I believe that the world needs valuable art that brings out the best in people.

I have spent the last six years trying to develop my art. I am self-taught, and I struggle with the basics of art. I am now a full time devoted illustrator who has settled down after a life time career traveling as an international travel agent. I have hopes and dreams of someday making my mark on the art world.

I have created many illustrations. The illustration displayed here is called “Beggar.” “Beggar” is an illustration about the loneliness of homelessness. It was created to show the sadness and hardness of a life on the streets begging. I believe that homelessness is a huge problem all over the world. It affects many people. The reasons for homelessness are vast. Many people find themselves in the situation with no fault of their own. Mental illness runs together with homelessness in many people. Hardship and ill health are a result of homelessness. I believe that if a world does not value the individual, then homelessness will remain a devastating part of millions of lives. If the world cares, then we can help the homeless, one person at a time.

Artwork by Kenneth Leon Roberts

Like the illustration of the “Beggar,” many of my illustrations tell stories of life. I believe art is an expression of my beliefs in the goodness of life and people. It is this ability to express myself that gives art a pre-eminence in my life. It is my way of showing values worth living.

As an artist, I have challenges with the basics of art like drawing and painting. I need to learn the fine art techniques that would allow me to be proficient in my craft. I aspire to learn what made the masters great. I want to learn time honored techniques. I also need to increase my skills and ability to do the basics.

I believe that the Drawing Academy teaches the fine art techniques and principles that a quality art education should teach. These techniques and principles are not taught in the traditional way in many of the art schools today. This makes the Drawing Academy very valuable.

As a contestant trying to win the Drawing Academy course, I value the instruction that I could receive from the Drawing Academy. This instruction could lead me to become an accomplished artist. It would give me the techniques and skills to develop, that would lead me to a life time of art accomplishment. This would be a very valuable opportunity.

I value the opinions and support from the people who look, critique, and admire my work. I feel that support when people give me feedback after viewing my art. A vote for my art is very valuable feedback to me, and I would feel encouraged to continue my work if you should vote for me.

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  1. Ken says:

    Be sure to vote for me! The Drawing Academy is awesome. It is a traditional art school that teaches fine art. Thanks, Ken

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