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Artwork by Keerthi Priya Akkinapuram

KN Creations

I am Keerthi

First I taught myself how to paint by reading anything and everything and practicing on my own.I began by drawing pencil portraits, Influenced by other artists’ work, I started to experiment with watercolors, but I was never truly happy with how any portraits turned out.

I am very passionate about art, Dreams can be translated into art of every artist which I believe. Art speaks where words are unable to express. According to me A true artist is a trained and experienced master whose work gets consistently better from one painting to the next. To rely on inspiration is to starve. This is why art means so many different things to so many people. We all experience life in different ways. Art evokes passion.

My intention as an artist is to set our mind on fire.This developed in me a deep sense of love for the land and, a strong bond and connectedness between nature and people, perfect for an aspiring artist. I am inspired by nature and people in relation My aim is to become famous artist in near future. I love to use oil paints for my paintings.

“Love is the Spirit that Motivates the Artist Journey”

Artwork by Keerthi Priya Akkinapuram

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