Artwork by Karla Alejandra

Artwork by Karla Alejandra

The process

Art has been the most compelling subject in my life since I remember. The idea of me becoming an artist it’s so recurrent that there is no doubt in my mind it will make me feel complete.

I am 23 years old now; I’m a psychologist and art has always been there for me trying to blend in with my future career plans. I’m very much inspired by art to study it with an eye of a cognitive psychologist and a recent sub-discipline of empirical aesthetics called Neuroaesthetics.
Science and art can’t be separated for me, now that I got my degree on general psychology, it is time for me to experience art as I wished since childhood.

I got many desired skills to learn and work on, classical drawing, understanding every detail that involves drawing from life and imagination, being able to materialize things as I like to see them.

Artwork by Karla Alejandra

I want to learn to paint, I admire artists from Rembrandt, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth to Zdizlaw Beksinki; my goals in drawing are every aspect the Drawing Academy offers on its training.

I started as an autodidact last year, reading Andrew Loomis’s books and art History books, this is my first attempt of a portrait.

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