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Artwork by João Alfredo Alves

Artwork by João Alfredo Alves

One dream and pretty ladies

Hi my good people, my name is João Alfredo, I’m 19 years old. I live in Brazil in a small town; my area is similar to Texas.

I do art since childhood. Art is something difficult to learn, it’s a long way. I want to learn the art as science, drawing and painting as the Old Masters did; that is my dream.

Artwork by João Alfredo Alves

The Drawing Academy course is a wonderful place for improving drawing skills. I thought there were no more classical schools, thanks God it is.

People you should vote for me so I can learn to draw more beautiful girls, and help an art that is dying.

Thank you

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  1. Pedro Paulo says:

    Espero q vc alcance todos os seus sonhos, desenha mt cara, n precisa me desenhar depois que terminar o curso, mas quando ser o artista foda que voce vai ser quero meu desenho; lembre-se de mim, sucessos
    good luck, be the best

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