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Artwork by Jivaji Deshpande

Artwork by Jivaji Deshpande

Artwork by Jivaji Deshpande

This is Jivaji Deshpande, from New Delhi, India.

Art is my childhood passion. Unfortunately, I could not take up any course in art, much as I wanted to do. Coming as I do from a poor family, doing art course was a taboo, and I entered government service after a formal education up to secondary level, as earning a livelihood was of paramount importance. After retirement from government service about 16 years ago, spending 35 years of my core life in service, I have been struggling hard all by myself without any external guidance to get some foot-hold in art. I am now 75 years of age.

I want to specialize in portrait and landscape painting. I am keen to become a professional artist. I have been experimenting with different techniques.

The genius of old masters is awe-inspiring. I bow my head in reverence for enriching this world with their breath-taking splendid works. I am very keen to learn their methods and techniques. Fortunately, the on-line course of Drawing Academy has come as a blessing in disguise for me. This was precisely the course I was looking for. Hopefully, after completing 3 months drawing course, I will take up the web art course to learn classical oil pointing and drawing techniques of the old masters.

Submitting herewith for this competition an oil portrait of my wife, Sujata, done by me on 32 cm x 50 cm canvass. Thus far, by force of circumstances I was denied the opportunity of pursuing an art course. Now that an opportunity has presented itself, I want to realize my dream and close my eyes upon the light of this earth in the satisfaction of fulfilling a passion closest to my heart. For me, it is now or never. If I earn free drawing course, it will be helpful in prosecuting further study in art. It is for you, folks, to decide where I stand in this competition. If you consider my painting worth your vote, please do vote.

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