Artwork by Jerson Aguilera

Simple life!

I’m a musician from Bogotá, Colombia and have been playing in a couple reggae and rock bands for the last five years in several places like small venues, halls, local radio and even on streets.

I live with my brother who’s a painter and have taught me about visual arts since he started a career as a film producer. For him and for me, now arts happens to be in first place as a lifestyle and to help other people understand the greats of being part of it and having a space in life to be creative. Also we have worked with drug addicts in rehab centers teaching painting, crafts and music. The most challenging part of it it’s being able to keep art as a lifestyle and having opportunity to keep creativity as a daily source to express what we have on mind.

Now personally, I try to improve my skills as much as I can by self-taught learning. In every aspect of the art spectrum and make works with integrity and correlate several artistic disciplines, so for this reason learning drawing as the most basic an expressive art form is from crucial importance in my life project and that’s why the Drawing Academy course plays an important role in this project, it has the facilities and the right ways to make the first step in this beautiful world of expresivity and change.

The reasons for this are as numerous as art techniques but the main one is the simplicity of the concept of drawing, it’s just ho you can create anything or leave the basis of a much bigger project, all of this in just a piece of paper or anything you consider good for printing with whatever you can make a line, since a pencil to even a well shaped stone.

So, to conclude, I think you shouldn’t ask for people to vote for you, as a good artist you just can let things happen, you exhibit what you want to show and witness the power your art making people think an let them make the decisions they want to make. If you are good enough, more art would come out from what you start.

Artwork by Jerson Aguilera


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