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Artwork by Jeremias dos Santos

Artwork by Jeremias dos Santos

Just love for art

Hi, my name is Jeremias, I live in a small city of Brazil.

I always loved art since I was a child, but I never think in drawing as work, because unfortunately where I live there’s some preconception about who lives as designer, so I was pressured to leave my dream.

Today I see that my love for art surpasses anything, I don’t want to be a doctor or an engineer, I just want to touch people with my art and make some good to this world, because I believe that art can make us more happy; believe in me, my love is sincere.

I have too many things to learn, and it would be great if I started with this amazing drawing course. I hope you understand me; please help me change lifes.

Thank you

Artwork by Jeremias dos Santos

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  1. Michelle Horgan says:

    I really like this, I can see the humor and joy through your drawing. I hope you win 😊

    Good luck,
    Michelle Horgan

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