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Artwork by JAQUI MILES

Artwork by JAQUI MILES

Forshortened Man

For many years I believed that I had limited talent. I compared myself to others and found myself lacking. In my 60’s, I challenged myself by taking art courses at the college level. In this community of students much younger than myself I discovered that I excelled! I never earned less than an A for my work. i was complimented on my willingness to try any medium and usually make it work for me.

I won an Honorable Mention at a college Art Show. Today I am proud to call myself an artist – something I was reluctant to do earlier. I appreciate the opportunity to present my watercolor drawing. It was first sketched lightly in pencil, then finished with water based ink using a brush and a pen. It was created in one sitting lasting about three hours. Why should you vote for me? perhaps because looking at my creation brings you pleasure or simply because you appreciate my effort.

I want to win because working from home is convenient for me (driving to a class is another challenge for me today at age 76).

Drawing Academy presents an excellent avenue to achieve further learning. I want to continue to learn and hone my talent as an artist. Having finally acknowledged to myself that I qualify as an artist, art is now foremost in my life for both pleasure and hopefully profit.

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