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Artwork by Hosein Mohamadi

Hosein Mohamadi – M.F.A student of University of Tehran, 2016 B.F.A Shahid Chamran university of Ahvaz, 2011 diploma Korramabad Fine high school Fine Arts.

I took on to painting around 2010 as serious profession. Due I to the hardships that I have experience in my personal life subjects having to do with society and its main building block the human being captured my attention and interest in the concept of reality.

Reading the life Paul Cezanne, Rembrandt and Michelangelo has also being very inspirational to me, so I found my own way of painting to be in depicting the reality of the human condition from psychological view in Iran.

I studied on Sassanian Art( ancient Iran) and Persian miniature, and I used from visual potential in my works.

I want learn perceive of reality in figure of human by studying of live model for depicting dimensions of personality, specially subliminal of human’s mind.

Drawing Academy is a ground for express and perceive of world and depth of phenomenons it, particular the Human.

Artwork by Hosein Mohamadi

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